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8L Mountain Flyer Toddler Ultralight Backpack Pattern

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  • Description

    The Mountain Flyer Ultralight Backpack for Toddlers is here! If you've ever wanted to make a special kid in your life a backpack they can use on hikes, this is what you need. I made this for my son's first backpacking trip, and knew I needed to share it with everyone.

    This pattern includes four separate patterns, sizes 2T, 3T, 4T & 5T. The dimensional differences are the frame height, shoulder strap length, and waist belt length. All other dimensions are equal.

    This build features the classic Mountain Flyer silhouette with a roll and cinch top combination closure. This is the Core pattern, meaning it includes the main components of the pack, but no pockets.

    You can have confidence in using the core pieces of this pattern while adding pockets, lash points, etc. as you go. Have some fun, will ya?!

  • Technical Specs

    Volume 488 in3 8 L
    Width 7.0 in 178 mm
    Depth 4.0 in 102 mm

    Included Documents

    Large Format PDF
    Letter Format PDF
    Sequence of Construction