the Buff Process

Soft Goods Product Development


the Buff Process

Soft Goods Product Development


Core Competencies


How does the product look?


Is it manufacturable?


Do they meet our quality standards?


Are we reaching our financial goals?

The Core Competencies provide a rubric to evaluate a products performance at each stage of development.


Market research is to find the white space - the opportunity in the market - for your product. Some categories are inherently saturated but that doesn't mean the project is dead in the water. There are angles, and I find them.

We also build the financial model for your product. Direct to consumer? Retail? Mixed? We'll define a product price point that meets margin goals while filling a white space.


I use one week iteration cycles that refine to a final direction that is ready for sampling and further development. I utilize the best designers in the industry to bring your idea to a physical product

  • Product
  • Materials
  • Components

3D Rendering & Patterning

Technology drives my development process. I use the latest tech to simulate products prior to taking it to a sample house or factory. It saves time, looks bad ass, and improves development speed. That's money kept in your pocket.


Taking the design to one of my development partners (this could be a sample house or factory) is the ultimate validation of the Core Competencies.

Each sample gets reviewed against Aesthetic, Construction, Materials and Cost. We talk about what we love, what we hate and plan what we're going to update and ship it.

Rinse and repeat until we're ready for production.  


We work with the best manufactures in the industry. We choose a manufacturing partner, bring them up to speed on the product and get your product ready for the market. 

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Quality Control Standards
  • Packing and Shipping Requirements


Importing your product can seem DAUNTING. But fear not. We're bad ass and can make it happen for you.

  • Import Bonds
  • Import Shipping
  • Customs Clearance
  • Tariffs & Fees

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Other Development Capabilities

Custom Hardware

Custom Fabrics

Custom Components